Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Not settled in yet....but getting there

Well, I finally am in my new apartment. As my friend Kara said to me during the heatwave " You are so hot you made LA break all heat records!" Needless to say, I have been sweating my booty off! I moved in on Sunday the 26th and the numbers I saw on my car thermometer were staggering. AS I was driving through Woodland Hills, the numbers crept up to 115. I felt so bad for all the guys who helped me move, because they were drenched in sweat. And of course, my apartment has no AC. I mean who would have thought it would get this hot right next to the ocean?

I took this photo on Monday as I was driving to ( or from, I was so delirious from the heat I don't know whether I was coming or going anymore) Bed Bath and Beyond.

But I do know that i spent a RIDICULOUS amount of money on a fan at BB&B but it was so worth it! Here is the fan that cost me a fortune

But alas we are here, it is still hot but not as hot as it was. Today has been in the low 90's, high 80's. I waited around most of the morning for the cable guy and he didn't do all that he was supposed to, but honestly, i felt so weird without internet access. I mean, I move to this new place where I know some great people, but how did people keep in touch without the invention of SKYPE, Facebook, blogs, text messaging, etc? I mean, it hardly feels like I am that far away from home, but it makes so much more sense why it was so much harder 8 years ago when I tried to leave home to live in San Diego.

For those of you wondering about Tucker and Max, they are doing as well as can be expected. Max is amazing at these changes. The way I figure it, as long as he is with me, he is fine. Whether that be LA, NYC, AG, or China, my dog will adapt as long as he is with his "momma". As for Tucker, well it was rough on him in the beginning. It is still kinda rough on him. He isn't used to having to go #2 on walks, not having access to outside, it being 1,000 degrees and more. It is harder on him and I realize that. It's hard for me too. But he is doing ok.

I know he misses his "Grandma" though. And of course, he misses all of the people from home who love him! You know who you are!

Well, I guess I better get going. I will have lots more to report on in the upcoming days now that my computer is working.

Next time, I'll tell you all about what is coming up for regarding work! Yay!

Till we meet again!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New life, new passions, same Amy

Let me start out by saying, makeup school was amazing!

I was totally nervous before I started school. I wasn't sure how many people would be in my class, if I would be any good at it, if everyone was gonna kick my ass at doing makeup. But NONE of those things happened. First I met all the girls before class started.

Jeannie: totally outgoing and vivacious LA girl. This girl has had SO many outlandish adventures in her life already, and she is only 21. She is sweet and cute as a button and I look forward to possibly hanging and working with her more once I get down to LA permanently.

This is Sydney. Shy, quiet, gorgeous. She was so mature, I naturally assumed she was at least 22 or 23. She was just a BABY though. Sydney is 18 and from Florida and is a GENUIS at applying eye makeup. Honestly, I could really learn a lot from her. It was fun to see her go from shy and quiet to more outgoing as the week wore on.

Last but certainly not least, my home girl Meaghan from Boston: This girl was like my soul mate makeup sister. I knew the minute we started talking that I was gonna like her. She had rad black hair with these awesome purple streaks in it. It was the first time that I have ever wanted to get crazy streaks like that in my hair. She was funny and sarcastic. We spent a lot of time together over the last 7 days and it really made me sad on Sunday when we realized that we had to go our seperate ways. But we already have plans for me to go to Boston to see her and for her to come here in LA in December. YAY!

Us with our brilliant teacher Amy Ward outside shooting models on location

Our teacher, Amy Ward, was amazing and I know that I learned so much from her. She even offered me a part time job once I get down there to help her with assistant work, especially with computers because she needs help there! And I am hoping to glean more knowledge about makeup and the industry from her. But I won't be stopping there, I plan on hustling out there. I've never been a hustler, but you can guarantee that with my upbeat attitude and friendly demeanor, I WILL make it. It will be a rough road, but a road that needs to be travelled.

Many of you know, I struggled losing 10 lbs recently. But just so you all know, due to the presence of places like Yummy Cupcakes, I found them all. Joy. But with all the stress of moving, the loading and unloading boxes, and by running again, I know they will come off. DAMN YOU YUMMY CUPCAKES!!!!!!
Us girls with our models Ruben and Sara on our last day of class. I would be punished if I did not tell you all that the curly haired girl Jeannie, that is NOT her real hair. But it looks damn good on her!
Here we all are, trying to squeeze in as many photos as we can before we all go our seperate ways :(

This was during out Special Effects class. I had a nice black eye, busted lip and bloody scratches. It was AWESOME! I loved this part of class. So anyone out there wanting some cool costume this year for Halloween, holler at me for your makeup (That goes for anyone who wants to be pretty/slutty/drag queen/ etc)

Here we all are, posing as dead. Check out our expressions. Some days, I literally felt this way. But then again, there are some days where we all feel a little like this right?

So there you all have it, my very first blog post. It was rough, but they will get better. And trust me, my life is sometimes a comedy, sometimes a tragedy, but it's my life and I wouldn't have it any other way!