Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My makeup photos are here!!

Oh man, it feels like it's been FOREVER since my last post. It's almost a little overwhelming to start this blog, I have no idea where to begin.

So I went on my first hike up in the Santa Monica Mountains with Stephanie on Tuesday of last week. A week ago? It's already been a week? It literally feels like I just went on that hike with her. Anyway, we hiked up there and I decided I wanted to feel it out and brought Tucker and Max along. It didnt' really feel THAT hot, but when we got to the parking space the car read 76 degrees. Still not super hot. And the trail was pretty mellow, it was more of a steady incline versus straight up. Think more along the lines of Madonna mountain versus Bishops peak. There was a trail that Stephanie took that veered off on a steeper incline. I am going to tackle that trail next time we go out, but because I had Tucker I decided that I wanted to just take the gradual one. Well needless to say, even with 2 water bottles, Tucker overheated. I actually worried that I had pushed him too far and that I might have serious overheating issues. He was just so hot and he laid down every time I stopped for water. Before I go any further, REST ASSURED: Tucker survived and is doing fine. No long term damage. Just a lesson learned on what he can and cannot do.

Here is Tucker and Max on the way down from our hike.

Needless to say, I had 1 very exhausted bulldog when I got back to my house!

And just for your enjoyment and entertainment, I am posting a video of Tucker doing his basketball routine. This is at the end of his play time, so he isn't as active with it. I totally forget to video it because I'm too busy laughing!

I got back all of my prints from Makeup School. I am posting three below here. The rest will be on a Facebook page called Makeup Artistry by Amy. I would really appreciate if you could all go to that page and "Like" it and become fans. The more I work, the more photos will go up. But I am extremely confident in what I have been taught and anyone out there who refers me to a booking client, I will do a complimentary look on you. For any of you brides out there, book now for your weddings! My whole portfolio will be on the page Makeup Artistry by Amy for you to look at. I will send you all a link once the page is up and running. But right now, Makeup Artistry by Amy on Facebook is still under construction. Check back soon. Or I will find you.....

Here are just a few looks:

(This girl is the salt to my pepper lol. She knows who she is)


My personal Favorite:

(Another note: the quality of these pictures are not as good as the quality of the portfolio pictures. I took a picture of the picture with my Droid. Hence quality. But once I figure out how to reduce the size of the scanned photos, I will be posting them on facebook for you all to wonder and marvel over.)

I did go home on Sunday to the 805 area code. I didn't make a HUGE deal out of it other than the 1 post on facebook, because I went home to ride my horse. Yes, it was stormy and yes I was irritated, but I rode regardless. I got some good rides in and I really miss my Daisy. And it's embarrassing to admit, but my butt bones were sore! The bones and muscles that have been cultivated over the years, with 3 weeks of not riding....yup, they were sore! But I don't care, any pain is worth it for my girl.

It was great to see my Mommy and Randy, as well as visit with my girls Kara and Jenae. I will come home over Thanksgiving and XMAS, for all those who want to visit. And this blog is pretty much summarizing everything that is going on down here. So you didn't miss much, other than a HUG!!!

I'm very excited that Shante is visiting me on Thursday for a few days and Vinny is supposed to be coming Sunday as well. I'm so happy to see my friends! I have missed them all very much and I am very excited to go and do "stuff" with them.

Anyway, I hope you all are having a fantastic week. We are closing in on the holiday season. Christmas is my FAVORITE time of the year. I'm very excited. Keep your attitude positive, your spirits high, and remember that you are all amazing individuals. Life can try and get you down, but the only think you can control in this world is your reactions to the happy and sad moments. Choose to be happy, make the effort, and you will begin to notice a change in who you are. Others will notice as well!

Much love to you all from El Lay,


Sunday, October 10, 2010

What an AMAZING weekend with Great Friends!

Hi All,

I hope this blog finds all of you happy and healthy. Just wanted to quickly update you on whats been going on with me the last few days.

I got a new phone Wednesday, the Droid 2 or X or whatever it's called. It is super cool and it has an amazing camera with good quality pictures so I have been trying to figure out how to use it and take photos. I've got some good ones on here.

I spent some time with my friend Gio this weekend and I really have missed her a lot. I mean, I feel connected to everyone over Facebook but there is nothing like girl time to make a girl feel like her old self. I even was able to do her makeup. I took "Before" and "After" photos. I am going to be creating an album on my Facebook page of before and after shots. Just a quick shoutout: Gio, I love you girl and I love the time we get to spend together. I am so glad we are close to each other in distance. Next time I get to come see your house!

I also spent time with Stephanie. She has really been a lifesaver to me. It's nice to have someone who lives close to you and who has similar interests. She's a great girl and I am so glad to be her friend. It really was fate that her and I met at Hollywood Paws. I am grateful to that place for bringing her into my life. She has turned into such an amazing friend to me.

Stephanie and I had our first Celebrity Sighting this weekend. Ok, well my first celebrity sighting since I have lived here! It was John C. Reilly and it was crazy. I honestly didn't' even see him till Steph pointed him out. We were at this cute little wine bar (reminded me so much of Gather in AG village) called Bites. He was sitting there with crazy red hair and had a group of 3 women at his table. He's a ladies man! It was such a low key restaurant, that even though I REALLY wanted to go up and get my picture with him, Stephanie and I both felt that he was probably just trying to have a low key dinner and remain incognito. So we didn't bug him. Though Steph bet me $10 to go over and say "BOATS AND HOES" really loud. (That's a Stepbrothers movie quote) For those of you who don't know John C. Reilly, here is his picture

And Talladega Nights

He was also in movies such as The Vampire's Assistant, Chicago and lots more!

Last night, Stephanie also accompanied me to a party at my Uncle Frank's Elks Lodge. It was monster themed (actually True Blood was the theme) and I decided to try out a vampire look on myself. Here is what I came up with

And Stephanie and I

"Blood Bags" (Vodka and Cranberry)

I was going for Vampire and I even had fangs to put in, but the instructions freaked me out so I decided not to do it. (It said if you put the fangs in wrong, the fangs could stay in for an extended period of time. So no thank you to those!) If some of you think I look like a Mime, you have a valid point and will hear no arguments from me. But I was pretty pleased with it. Yes, I should have airbrushed my chest and my arms, but I was just experimenting. So please no negative comments. Thank you!

Channeling Lady Gaga while out shopping with Gio on Friday night:

Scared? You should be. Don't make me angry. You don't wanna make me angry!!

*Playing Mario Brothers theme Song*
Anyway, this was my weekend.

I am in such a good place right now mentally and emotionally. I love AG but I felt like I was growing out of that town. I am 25 and single and love this point in my life. I feel young and alive and like my life is just beginning! I want to experience so much and this is the way to do it. I am out there living life and I hope that you all are exactly where you want to be with your lives. I've said it before and I'll say it again, NO REGRETS! Life is what we make of it. Make the choice to be happy. If you consciously decide to be happy, you can be sure that happiness is what you will get. It's the Law of Attraction. You get what you ask for. So if you are negative, you can expect negative things, negative experience, and negative people to follow you. If you are happy, then happiness, joy, and positivity will arise out of every thing you do.

So make today a great one. Just because today is Monday doesn't mean it has to be bad. Make it a Marvelous Monday.

Much love to you all,


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Life Lessons on a Rainy Day

I love these rainy days so much more than the 110 degree days!

I used to feel really guilty at home when it would rain. I used to hate it and wish it would go away fast. I know we NEED the rain, I know CA is in a drought and this is necessary. But I used to hate it. Sorry, I'm not gonna lie.

Why did I hate it so much you ask? Because of Daisy. I felt guilty not riding her everyday as it was. When it would rain and I COULDN'T ride, I would just sit inside at home and feel sad that my horse was stuck in her muddy, cold pen. Or I would go out and feel crappy that I was outside in the cold muddy pen, but at least Daisy and I could commiserate together.

BUT NOW...............

Daisy is on a five acre property with my friend Kara. No one knows exactly where except me and Kara and I like it that way. There are certain people out there who do not need to know where my girl (and my trailer) is. But I am confident and I know that Daisy is happy. She couldn't be with a better horsewoman, and Kara is one of my best friends so I feel so good about Daisy's new (temporary) home.

Daisy and her boyfriend Sonny. She likes her men to have a big booty!

So I can now ENJOY rainy days. Yesterday I stayed inside curled up on my couch with my 2 lovebugs watching Clash of the Titans. I love Greek mythology so it was a great day to get lost in a long action packed movie.

Today I caught up with my little cousin Kayla. She is 18 years old, just moved to LA a little over a year ago and is so cute and sweet. She seems like a great girl with a bright head on her shoulders and really has a lot going for her. I hope that maybe I could prove to be a good influence for her. I'm about 7 years her senior, and I feel like I have lived a lot of life from the age of 18 to 25. Who knows? Maybe she can learn from my mistakes.

But that defeats the purpose of learning by doing.....

Sometimes we have to fail at certain things, certain relationships, certain life lessons to really understand who we are. I have a great support system so I know that no matter what I try, I will always have family and friends who will help me back up if I fall. And likewise, I hope ALL my friends and family know that I will always be there for them. I have learned to curb the judgmental part of me and accept my friends/family for who they are. All I want for all of you out there is joy and happiness in your life. No matter where this life takes you, be happy in doing it. You only have this one chance at it, make the most of it. Live life to the fullest, never settle for less than you deserve. Don't regret anything, because our life experience make us better people and we grow from them.

I love you all and I wish you lots of happiness and love today. Just because it is cloudy outside, dont' let it get you down. Just know that sometimes there will be cloudy days, but we can't appreciate the bright sunny days unless we have a few clouds here and there.

I know this is a different post then you are all used to. But I am so happy here. And by "here" i mean LA, and in this particular stage of my life. I hope you all feel this happy as much as you can. I think everyone deserves it!



Miss you Daisy girl!