Monday, January 31, 2011

New Year, New Name, New Adventures!

Amelia St. John

Do you like the new name? I decided a name change was in order because Amy Frazier is SUPER common. Go it right now! I will wait..................

See? Tons of websites dedicated to Amy Frazier the professional tennis player. And I was told recently that the last name "Frazier" was really common in Europe. Frazier in Europe is equivalent to Smith in USA. Might as well go by the name Jane Smith. In this industry, you need something unique. I've got the sweet, cute personality. But my name was forgettable. So Amelia St John is what I decided to go with. I chose "Amelia" because I can still reasonably go by the name "Amy" and St. John was just something that came to me as I was playing around with the way names sounded. I think Amelia St. John is classy and elegant. So there you have it. Forget Amy Frazier...she's just my legal name and the name on my credit cards and drivers license. Amelia St. John is who I am now and I am embracing it. Jump on the bandwagon or get off the ride!

I've still been busting my butt down here trying to make a place for myself in this world. It's difficult. But I'm perserving. I am lucky to have the unwavering support of my mom and my family. Without them I don't know if this would be possible. So quick shout out...thanks Mom!!

I did a Before and After on my mom....take a look



(Thanks Mom...for letting me show your before and after photo. You are beautiful with no makeup on and your inner beauty shines brighter than any outer beauty so this makeover wasn't hard. You were already beautiful!)

I have a lot more before and afters, but if anyone wants to volunteer to be added, I am always open to more models!

Anyway, January is almost over, time for the month of love to begin! I'm very excited for February because my soul mate sister Meaghan O'Brien is coming to visit me from Boston! I have missed this girl so much and I talk to her everyday on the phone and over text messages. I can't wait to have her here for 6 days. We are going to go to The Makeup Show at the LA Convention Center over the weekend and then we are hopefully going to line up lots of photoshoots. Also One Day ( <--- Seriously go and support this production. "Like" it on facebook at!/pages/One-Day/189199376245?v=wall) is going to still be filming and Meaghan is going to get the opportunity to help out the makeup department and get her first IMDB credit. Yay for that. And just YAY in general for working together! I would love to do some professional photos with her and I together. She can do my makeup and I can do hers and then we can find a photographer to shoot us. I'm no model...I prefer and am much more comfortable behind the camera lens. But I do want to get some good photos of myself and would love to have some with Meaghan, who does have professional modeling experience.

So if any photographers read this or if you know anyone who is a photographer who would maybe do a TF shoot...let me know! We are pretty much open to whatever (except Nudity...we don't do that)

Ok, I've had 75 cups of coffee and some yogurt. I'm pretty much all cracked out on coffee. I need to go do something physical to work off this energy! Yoga is out because I'm way too jittery for that. Maybe some running or some push ups...

Hope you all are well. And cross your fingers that it isn't another 2 months before a new blog post. Sorry y'all!

Hugs, massive cups of coffee and lots of energy,


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