Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Endings and Rose Colored Glasses

Sometimes life just sucks.

Sometimes we get really really happy. Everything is working out exactly as you hoped. Work is going great, maybe you scored a freelance gig with M.A.C makeup, maybe your friend comes to visit you, you met a great guy and finally you, he might last longer than a week!

So things go well, you get excited.

And then......... BOOM. CRASH. EXPLOSION.

Life just flips you on your butt. In my case, it had nothing to do with me. But still a piece of my happiness was taken away. Maybe forever, maybe just for a little while. But that happy, got a smile on my face 24/7's not there as much.

Here is my advice when life gets you down. If you need to cry, then cry. If it seems like you can't stop crying, thats ok too. It is your heart's way of working things out. If you are like me, people don't get that close very often. I let people in, I just am wary. But sometimes, like now, I let those walls all the way down. ANd you know what? It was amazing. Yes, by lowering the walls I got hurt. But I don't regret it. Because I remember what it was like to feel HAPPY. To feel wanted, appreciated, adored. And even though it hurts, that feeling means more to me. So go ahead, cry it out. But don't lose hope. Remember what it is that you want and ask God for it. Go ahead, you deserve to ask! We might not always get exactly what we want, but maybe life can be a fairy tale. Maybe we deserve our happy endings. Maybe someday I will come home from a walk with my dog and he will be there, waiting for me to tell me he knows what he wants, that he wants me. Maybe that won't happen. Maybe it's not realistic. But I like my rose colored glasses. I like Hope. I like Faith. I want to see the world with positivity. There are enough Debbie Downers and Negvative Nancy's out there. I want to be Hopeful Helen. Because I think that happy endings are real. They happen every day. And I am more likely to get my happy ending with a positive attitude and hope in my heart.

I believe this. I hope you all do too.

I'm off to do a photoshoot now. Because I'm awesome.

Love to you all,


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