Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bronze/Gold/Copper Eye

So I really wanted to create a blog today about my bronze-y eye look. It is one of my GO-TO looks and I use the Naked Palette from Urban Decay to create most of it. I'm not happy about my photos, I'm not the greatest photographer but as my blogging goes on, I think I'll either get better with my iPhone or find my expensive camera and start using it. How many people use a real camera these days when we all have iPhone's? But now that I see the quality of these photos combined with the TERRIBLE lighting of my bedroom, I may have to start switching. I'm also a terrible model which I why I am a makeup artist and not a model. I have always felt pictures don't translate to seeing me in person. I promise, I'm very effervescent and glowing in person. Unlike the photos I'm about to show you :( But I will sacrifice my pride and post these ugly photos anyway. Because my finished product looks great! I feel like I can show you my frightening face that is untouched by makeup so I can better explain how makeup transforms.

Ready? Be brave my readers, be brave!

So to start off the face I used the Makeup Forever HD Primer all over. You can use any primer or moisturizer you like, just make sure you really get the face primed and ready for the application.

Then I started with the Urban Decay Naked Palette and used the colors Half-Baked and Smog as you see in the photo below. Half baked is a beautiful gold/bronze color and Smog is more of a deep brown bronze.

I used Half-Baked all over the eyelid from the lash line to the crease and then blended it up and out.

I then used the Smog color on the outer corner of the eyelid and used my M.A.C 224 brush to blend it up into the crease and then blend the two colors together toward the middle of the eyelid. You want the transition of colors to be seamless, as if they just flow into one another without an obvious line of demarcation.

Those are my two basic colors. Blending is key, but you don't need other colors to create this look unless you want. Makeup is all about what YOU want, that's where the creativity comes in. Here's a pro trick: If you are having trouble getting the blending part down, you can use face powder on your eyeshadow brush and use the powder to blend all the colors together. It helps reduce the demarcation!

Under the brow I used Dazzlelight eyeshadow by M.A.C. Its a shimmery, vanilla, gold toned shadow that looks great as a highlighter under the brow and in the corner of the eye. It highlights and brings the look together.

(Dazzlelight is the middle eyeshadow in the middle)

(Dazzlelight is applied like above)

I then used M.A.C Superslick Liquid Eyeliner - On the Hunt (black color) for my eyeliner. I'm going to do a separate blog on how you should apply different types of eyeliner. I think a lot of people have trouble with liquid eyeliner and how to get a steady hand and not look like you drew all over your eyelid with sharpie :)

For my lashes: I curled them with my eyelash curler to really open up the eyes. Everyone can benefit from curling their lashes. I then used L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara in Black for my mascara. I'm not sure how much I love this drugstore mascara yet. I've had it for awhile and used it numerous times, and while I like how long and black my lashes look with it, it comes off at the slightest rub. Yesterday for example, I had to rub my eye because my allergies were going bonkers and my eyes felt super itchy. I went to the bathroom 5 minutes later and the mascara was all over my under eye and on my hand. Not cool.

Then I did my eyebrows, foundation, blush and highlighter. Topped it off with some lip-gloss and my ridiculous-I-didn't-want-to-brush-my-hair-today-bun and headed to the office.

(No lip-gloss; in my room)
 (Lip-gloss added; now in the office)

**These "after" photos are the only reason I put my "before" photos up. See how makeup can change a person?**

That's the bronze-copper-gold look that looks amazing on those with ANY eye color. I love the Naked Palette by Urban Decay because there is SO MUCH you can do with it!

I hope these photos didn't scare you. The combination of my morning face with terrible room lighting and bad photography and horrible model just makes for a scary photo! But remember, it's about the makeup.

NO JUDGING ME! Just kidding just kidding (but really, please don't judge me lol)

Stay Beautiful.


Amelia St. John


Judy said...

Very nice! Have you ever tried using a Lash Primer (Loreal has one) before the mascara? That helps with smudging.

Amy in El Lay said...

I love the L'Oreal Double Extend Tubes Mascara and it comes with a primer on one end and mascara on the other! But I try to review different ones so people have choices :) But primer is a great idea for mascaras!