Monday, June 4, 2012

A wedding weekend

As many of you know, my boyfriend Joel and I took our dogs and road tripped it up to Merced, California this weekend. Now we live in Los Angeles, and Merced is close to 500 miles north of us. That's a long trip for anyone. Not to mention the 99 freeway is full of fun things to see. Like farm fields, gas stations, and more farm fields.

We arrived in Merced around 1pm on Friday afternoon and the temperature was 104 degree Fahrenheit with a humidity index of like 1000!! That was not a good precursor of what to was to come. All I could think about was how the brides' (and mine) makeup was just going to melt off. We weren't doing airbrush due to sensitivity to it so I was trying to figure out other ways to keep her makeup on other than just running after her with the powder and lipstick! All my BF kept thinking about was how mad he was going to be wearing a long sleeve shirt and slacks when all he wanted was shorts and flip flops!

I went to the bride's wedding suite around 345pm and proceeded to get to work on her. I don't have any photos of her, but I'm sure I'll get a copy or two when she gets her proofs back from the photographer. And then I will do a tutorial on what I used on her face to get her bridal glow!

However, here is a picture of Joel and I at the rehearsal dinner. Where mind you, it was still massively humid and muggy. But we managed to look stellar anyhow.

The next day was the big day. The bride look AMAZING and so radiant. She didn't need any makeup, because everyone could see how beautiful inside she was and how in love she was. But her makeup turned out amazing that day as well and she was so happy with her big day. I was happy for her and it was all in all a magnificent event.  (PS, it was 10 degrees cooler with a breeze on the wedding day. Thank goodness!!)

Here is the bride getting ready by her bridesmaids. Isn't she beautiful?

Here are some shots of my makeup for the big day. I plan on doing a tutorial for this pink smoky eye with highlighted cheeks. Is there interest in this?

And below is Joel and myself at the wedding. 

So that was the big weekend. I am POOPED. I hope you all had an amazing weekend!

Stay Beautiful.


Amelia St. John

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