Thursday, November 1, 2012

Have you ever talked on a Teddy Bear Phone?

So my phone has been a sad sight lately. Its cracked and broken and dejected. But it functions for me and I'm O.K as long as it works. 

But yesterday I met up with a friend and she had this awesome cell phone case that she wasn't using. So she offered to let me have it. At first I was like "ha ha, that's so funny I'm just going to goof off with it for awhile" . 

But now, I actually adore it. I want to show it off to the world. Even my boss loves it. I thought you guys would love it too! 

It's plastic and huge. It's like typing on a mini iPad because your hand sort of rests on the arms and legs while you text or dial. But I dig it! 

ADDED BONUS: you can always find your phone in your purse!

Here's the link for it. It comes in other colors like Teddy Bear Brown, Off White, and Light Pink.  (Scroll down on the site to see other colors)

This site also has a bunch of other rad cell phone cases that I love as seen below:

None of these are more than $25 I don't believe. 

But this site is pretty awesome, I think a lot of the stuff is knock-off of real designer quality stuff, but with the holidays right around the corner, I think this site offers a lot of really nice gifts that are within an affordable price. 

Just a little fashion blog from your truly, 

Gonna go call someone on my kick-ass teddy bear phone, 

Later Skaters,


Amelia St. John

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PS have you seen my Halloween blog post? 

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