Tuesday, November 6, 2012

You heard me right! I'm on YouTube now!

That's right people!
I've been trying to break onto the YouTube scene for awhile. But I just haven't gotten my act together. Well now people, now I have got it together all right!
But I need your help! I need you to watch, to share, to comment and question, make suggestions, whatever! I mean, yes I do LOVE to make videos, edit and share with you guys. But if I'm the only one watching them, well I know what I can do.
What is unique? Do you watch YouTube? What would you like to see from me regarding my channel? I am going to stay in the Health and Beauty category, because it's what I know.
But what would interest you? What would make you say "hey I wanna subscribe to this girl and tell all my friends" ?
Here is my FIRST video I made Friday Night titled: October Fashion Haul (it's really funny too!)
This one I made today and it's called:  "Amelia's Empties"
I know I'm still pretty green at this. But I have so so many ideas for my channel and for new videos. Please show your girl some support by subscribing to my youtube channel, "thumbs up" liking my videos, and passing the word along. Just cut and paste a video url and paste that puppy onto your FB or twitter wall!
Thanks to you all so much for being the worlds greatest friends and family!
Amelia St. John

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