Monday, July 9, 2012

Luscious Lipgloss Love

I was asked recently to do a blog finding the perfect lipgloss. There are many aspects about lipgloss that people like, and it's hard to find the "perfect" lipgloss for everyone. Everyone has something different that they like. But I was asked to find a lipgloss to fit these specifications:

* Staying Power

*Has Shine

*Has Color

Not too specific, and leaves a lot of room to work with. Now as many of my friends know, I am addicted to Carmex, especially after I finish brushing my teeth before bed. It's not that great for you, how can anything with the ingredient petroleum be good for you? But it's my casual lipgloss that has no color but shine and hydrates my lips. But it's not what I'd wear out at night, or to work, or to any event. It's my workout/ride my horse/lip balm for just casual time when I'm not trying to impress anyone.

I have so many lipglosses I can't even remember them all. So naturally it made perfect sense to go to Sephora and get a few more right? Makeup artists......we aren't always the most rational. We love an excuse to go buy more products to try out!

I had heard a ton of rave reviews about the new Anastasia of Beverly Hills Hydrafull Gloss. So I decided I was DEFINITELY going to check it out.

Here's what the box says:

" Clincically tested gloss proven to help maximize and maintain lip hydration and fullness. Paddie applicator smoothes product across lips."

This color is called "Sugar Pink" and I absolutely love it!

I swatched it on my arm here. On the left is the Sephora brand matte lipgloss and on the right is the HydraFull Lipgloss in Sugar Pink. Look how shiny!

* Beautiful Color
* Hydrating
*Lasts even longer if you line it with a similar lip liner.
*Stays where you apply it
*Cool plastic applicator ( you get used to it if it's weird at first)

*Expensive ($28 a tube)
*Minor stickiness

Grade: A

I cannot express how much I love this! I wear it fancy, I wear it casual. I use lipliner under it to make it last longer. I know it can seem pricey, but it is so worth it. It just makes you lips look luscious!

Here is what it looks like applied to my lips. I die for this color! It's so natural with a hint of pink.

I think this would look good on everyone!

Here is me with the Anastiasia HydraFull Lipgloss on my way to a party

As far as the additional gloss I bought; it was the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 05 shade. Again here it is swatched:

On the left

*Cheap at $8/tube
*Pretty darkish pink color
*Matte with staying power

*No luster
*I was just kinda bored with it

Grade: B- (mainly because I don't like how dried my lips felt with the stain)

But if Matte Lipgloss is your thing, then this is a great choice. I just don't find that Matte works for what I like. As I stated above, for this Carmex-Addicted Makeup Artist, I need some hydration. I've condition my lips to CRAVE it.

Good or bad, it is what it is. So if I had to choose, I'd go with Anastasia of Beverly Hills Hydrafull Gloss in Sugar Pink.

To the one who asked me to review this: I'm sorry I didn't give you more options. I just fell in love with Anastasia of Beverly Hills Hydrafull Gloss and I had to post a rave review on it. I think you will love this though. I really do!

To everyone else: I hope you enjoyed this blog. I was not paid to give my opinion, nor was I paid to endorse this product. I purchased this gloss on my own and I hope you all enjoy the gloss. I welcome feedback and your own opinions as well.

Is there anything you would like me to try for you? I'm open to blog suggestions and I will try anything you recommend! I love being the guinea pig for you guys!

Stay Beautiful!


Amelia St. John

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