Thursday, July 5, 2012

What to do when you forget your Office/Work clothes

I had a total dumb moment today.

Not my first dumb moment this week. Just the biggest.

Here's what happened: Since I didn't have to work yesterday, it kind of felt like I had a Saturday in the middle of the day. So today then felt like Monday. Two Mondays, One week? UGH. I'm definitely a person who gets " a case of the mondays." So I wake up, do my typical get ready routine. (which usually just involves a shower and getting my horse clothes on. I don't do hair an makeup until I get to work, because it'll just get messed up at the barn.) Today I had to bring the vaccuum to work because we don't have one here. I also had to go to the barn extra early to ensure I had enough time to go to the 99 cent store, Office Depot and then get back and vacuum before clients came in. AND do my hair/makeup/accessorize.

So what's the problem, you ask? I was so organized that I left my entire outfit hanging on the hanger at home. I grabbed the bag with my motorcycle boots, accessories, makeup, curling wand and hair products. Grabbed my lunch bag and the vaccum and my purse.  But grab my clothes for the work day? HA. HA. NO.

Now that I realize I have forgotten this, which doesn't occur until I'm pulling up to work and unloading all this (pardon my french) CRAP, I have to add Target to my list of places to go to within a 60 minute time frame. Because now I need something to wear.

You are now thinking "haha funny story. What's the point? Why have I wasted my time reading this?"

The point is, I want to show you how to rock an outfit you can grab from Target for $20 (+$8 with leggings).

Dress by Xhileration for $19.99. BodyCon Dress in Ebony. Mossimo Leggings $8.00 Chanel bracelet- Gift from a friend  Ring - Can't remember where I got it. Necklace - Had so long can't remember where I got it  Earrings $5.99 from J.Dew accesorries. Hair- NuMe Curling wand $159.99

I don't have a "Before" picture. Just picture really dirty jeans, an old grey FDNY T-shirt, and dirty boots with spurs on 'em.

So if you are ever in a jam and need a new outfit pronto, head to Target! I've always been a fan, and I always will be.


Amelia St. John

PS Look for new blogs about Lipgloss and Birchbox coming soon!

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