Friday, May 25, 2012

How to apply fake eyelashes

 Here is a common question I get asked ALL the time.

"How do you apply fake eyelashes?"

Many of you might already be knowledgeable in this,  but there are some of you that aren't. So I'm here to give you some insight and tricks that I personally use to apply fake eyelashes.

First I recommend doing your eye makeup however you choose for the day/evening. Eyelashes can be worn any time. If you are doing dramatic lashes, like me in the picture below, I suggest saving those for special occasions. Below was New Years Eve 2011:

(As you can tell, these puppies were HUGE! These are the #26 from Makeup Forever. They were like angel wings for my eyes on NYE.)

 Once you have applied your eye makeup how you like it, apply eyeliner and then mascara.
"Why would I apply mascara when I am wearing fakes you might ask?"  Well, it combines your real eyelashes with the fake ones to give a more "natural look". If your eye lashes are traditionally stick straight but your fake lashes are curled, it might look weird if someone was looking at you and your eyelashes were going every which way! It just creates a more seamless look.

Before you do your mascara, curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. If you don't know how to do that, I will do another blog later on how to curl your eyelashes. (PS, if you really want that, be sure to let me know!) After curling, then apply mascara.

Next I recommend purchasing the Lash Application kit from Sephora as seen below. There is one particular tool in it that helps me IMMENSELY. It's the long wooden stick with a pointy end and a slanted end. The pointy end is what I use to apply the glue to the lash and the slanted end presses the lashes into the lash line.

(In the kit, you see to the far left the long wooden stick. Also included from left to right are : tweezers, eyelash curler, half-length lashes, eye lash scissors to trim to desired length, and two types of glue)

When you are ready for lashes, remove them from the box one at a time and dab a small amount of lash glue to any surface (I like the back of my hand). Then get the pointed end in the glue and then spread over the lash line of the lashes.

I like this glue because it is dark in color and when it dries, it most likely blends with eyeliner. The "white tone" dries clear so don't worry if you are using this one. Most makeup artists prefer Duo to any other brand out there. It really keeps the eyelashes on longer than any glue out there. It's better than the ones that come with lashes and it's better than the Sephora brand as well. 

Dun. Dun. Dun........


I like to apply my lashes from the outside to the inside. Meaning as close to the lash line as I can, while tilting my chin up and looking downward, I apply the lashes to the line and use the slanted edge of the stick from Sephora to press the lashes firmly on, making sure there is no noticeable separation.

Repeat with the other eye. 

If you have applied eyeliner to your top lid, you can do what is called "backtracking" next. You take your eye liner and go back over the line, on top of the strip to create an even liner. You don't want to see the where the false lashes meet the lid.

Then you can add more mascara if you choose.

If your bottom lashes are stuck with the glue, just gently pull the skin apart so as to release the bottom lashes from the grasps of the falsies.

(Me with M.A.C lashes # 34. Retails $14.00/pair. These are my favorite lashes from M.A.C.)

Now to remove them, just gently peel them off your eye from the outside in. If you wish to use them again, take the glue off and put them back in their box for next time.

That's it! With each time you put them on, I promise you, you will get better. For the longest time, as a PROFESSIONAL makeup artist, I didn't feel comfortable putting them on myself! But with practice, I now wear them on a regular basis. A minimum of 2x a week. I used to wear them nightly when I worked as a hostess. In addition, the more you wear them, the less you will feel uncomfortable in them.

That's all for today Class. I hope you learned something.  Even if you didn't, hope you got a refresher course in False Lash Application 101.

I hope you all feel as beautiful on the outside today as I know you are on the inside!


Amelia St. John

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