Thursday, May 24, 2012

Review: Simple Makeup Remover Wipes

As promised, I am bringing another review to you guys. Today's review will be on Simple Makeup Remover Wipes.

As stated on their website:

"Our handy Kind To Eyes Eye Make Up Remover Pads are a perfect blend of cleansing goodness to help to gently remove even waterproof mascara. Our pads won't sting or irritate your eyes. Perfect for even sensitive skin.
simple goodness
Our special blend of Simple cleansing goodness containing Pro-Vitamin B5 helps to gently cleanse and remove even waterproof mascara.
NO UNNECESSARY INGREDIENTS so it won't upset your skin
Dermatologically Tested and Approved"

What I have found in using these wipes is that they are very rough. When I am wiping my face at the end of the day trying to get the remainder of my makeup off, I don't want to feel like I am wiping a brillo pad on my face. And in my humble opinion, this is what I felt Simple Makeup Remover Wipes felt like. Not to mention that using them on my eyes was just painful..

Cheap - for like $5 you get 30 wipes
Smell is very clean
They are from the UK, so that in itself is kinda cool. They are the number one leading makeup remover over there. I guess over there they have tougher skin!
I definitely didn't feel greasy or oily after using them

It felt rough on my face
Packaging is kinda ugly and not pretty. I like to buy prettily packaged things.
Left makeup on my face because I didn't want my face to be bright red after.
I only will use these as a last resort

Anyway, this seems like a negative review and I guess it is. These just are not my cup of tea.

If you want an alternative, I suggest Walmart or Target generic brand for a cheaper but effective remover wipes.  Additionally, one should use a cotton ball and specifically made eye makeup remover so as to protect your eyes. I do recommend the remover from M.A.C as seen below. As a former M.A.C Makeup Artist/Employee, I have used this countless times and it just wipes away the makeup.

Hope this helps you guys out! Have a beautiful day and don't forget to shine on with those beautiful faces! Remember to subscribe to my page and PLEASE feel free to request any reviews on products or topics you would like my opinion on!


Amelia St. John

PS I do not get paid for my opinions good or bad. So when I recommend something, it's usually because I have bought and paid for it out of my own pocket!

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