Friday, September 14, 2012

Let's Talk about Skincare

I am by no means an Esthetician. And it has taken me 27 years to really come to a point where my skin and it's well being is a top priority. 

Let's go back.

Up until recently, my skin was just my canvas that I applied my makeup on. Growing up, I had pretty good skin for a teenager. Everyone used to compliment it and I never went out of my way to take care of it. I used  makeup removing wipes to clean my face every night and that was it. I never liked "washing" my face. Like taking facial cleanser and water and like the commercials...splashing it in my face. I used to HATE that. 

Even up until recently, I just used a moisturizer and face wipes to clean my face. No sunscreen, no anti aging cream, no nothing. 

But let's face it, we are all getting older. Even I notice I am getting tiny wrinkles around my eyes, particular when I smile. 

So I've been taking steps to correct this. I want to share what I do with you guys. If any of you are Estheticians and have advice, please share!

Here's what I do in the morning. 

1.) Wash my face with Philosophy Purity 1 Step Facial Cleanser

2.) Pat dry my face

3.) Apply Serum (My choice is Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment )
4.) Wait for it to dry

5.) Apply Moisturizer (I am currently using Philosophy Hope In A Jar in the a.m.) 

6.) Wait for it to dry

7.) Apply sunscreen (A MUST. I am just using this target brand. There are better ones. If you have sensitive skin, use a facial sunscreen not just an all over one. The sun is our worst enemy for skincare)

8.) Wait for it to dry (this is important. you want to let each of these products get into the skin to start doing there job) 

9.) Apply Cliniquie Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector 

(I am trying to diminish acne scars/sun spots from the years of not taking proper care of my skin. I really think this stuff is working! I'm also using it on  my chest. It's been 3 weeks. After 2 months, I should notice a difference!)

10.) Apply Eye Cream. I am using this sample I got from Sephora. It's Shiseido Benefiance Concentrated Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream. (**MAKEUP TIP: Put your eye cream in the refrigerator for cooling benefits. Helps reduce puffiness and under eye circles) 

That's my morning routine!

My nighttime routine is similar with a few things added/taken away

1.) Wash face with Philosophy Purity 1 Step Cleanser

2.) Use  Clarisonic Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System for 1 minute.
It is due for it's daily cleaning. Or a new replacement head. But probably a cleaning . 

3.) Make sure all soap is off your face and pat gently to dry

4.) Apply Serum. I am using Clean and Clear Acne Spot Treatment

5.) Wait for it to dry

6.) Apply Moisturizer. At night I am trying out the Boscia Oil Free Nightly Hydration (which I received in my Birchbox this month)

7.) Wait for moisturizer to dry and soak into skin

8.) Apply Clinique Cliniquie Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector (as seen above)

9.) Apply Eye Cream Shiseido Benefiance Concentrated Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream

HIT THE HAY!! The best medicine for your skin is SLEEP! 

I also periodically do face masks to clear my pores/hydrate my skin or peels to remove dead skin cells and allow my new skin to breathe. 

So that's what I do. What do you do? What do you think of these products? Have you tried them? Do you like them? Hate them? Any recommendations? 


Amelia St. John

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